Her Excellency’s Preferences
  • Amber
  • Foxes
  • White Gatorade
  • All Gluten Free treats
  • Chocolate – Dark or Milk, unless you think you can change Her Excellency’s mind about White Chocolate
  • Her Excellency’s Colors are Black and White
Her Excellency’s Disinclinations
  • Capsaicin (Peppers) [ALLERGY]
  • Jasmine [ALLERGY]
  • Black Pepper [DISLIKE]
  • Gluten (This includes anything with Wheat, but also Beer)
His Excellency’s Preferences
  • Cherry Coke Zero (or other sugar free beverages)
  • Goats
  • Foxes
  • Pickled Things (which does not include feet)
  • His Excellency’s Colors are Red, White, and Blue
His Excellency’s Disinclinations
  • Avoid sugars [DIABETIC]