Barony of Highland Foorde

  1. Composition of the Financial Committee.
    a. The Baronial Financial Committee (BFC) consists of the current Exchequer of the Barony,
    the current Baronial Seneschal and all other paid members voting at a meeting.
  2. Terms of Financial Committee members.
    a. Members of the BFC may serve for as long as they are willing
    b. Members of the BFC may be removed by a vote of no confidence, conducted under
    standard voting procedures as defined in the Baronial Charter.
  3. Timeframes and methods for meetings.
    a. BFC meetings are part of the monthly Baronial Meeting
  4. Timeframes and methods for action approval under normal circumstances
    a. All Baronial decisions that involve the spending of Baronial funds (directly, or via
    budgets) shall be voted upon by the BFC
    b. All votes will be conducted by hand vote.
    c. Committee members may not give their right to vote to anyone else
  5. Timeframes and methods for meeting and approval in emergencies.
    a. The Emergency Financial Committee is comprised of the Seneschal, the Exchequer and
    one member of the sitting Baronage.
    b. Emergency meetings shall be called by the Seneschal
    c. Votes may be conducted under these circumstances.
    d. Only items announced on the agenda for the emergency meeting shall be discussed.
    e. Any topic and decision discussed or voted on will be recorded and discussed at the next
    Baronial Business Meeting under the Agenda item “Baronial Finance Committee
    Emergency Meeting Review”.
  6. Reporting Schedule for Branches
    Financial Report will be cumulative, and are due to the Kingdom Exchequer as follows:
    a. January 1 – March 31 (First Quarter Cumulative), due April 30th
    b. January 1 – June 30 (Second Quarter Cumulative), due July 31st
    c. January 1 – September 30 (Third Quarter Cumulative), due October 31st
    d. January 1 – December 31 (Fourth Quarter Cumulative/Domesday), due January 31st
    Non-Member Registration (NMR) reports and monies are due to the office of the Chancellor of
    the Exchequer Deputy for the NMR no later than 10 business days after the event closes.
    Event reports shall be submitted for every event held by the Barony. These shall be completed
    with copies of the event receipts attached and sent with the corresponding quarterly reports.

(Highland Foorde)
Approved by Financial Committee – (12/18/2021)
Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – (12/21/2021)

2 | P a g e
Reports will be considered late if they are not received within five (5) business days of the due
date or if they are incomplete.

  1. Reporting requirements for branch reports
    Quarterly reports should include the following documents
    a. Financial activity such as a journal or ledger
    b. A current list of variances in effect
    c. Bank statements for all accounts for the quarter, signed by the Seneschal
    d. The Excel report form
    e. A PDF of the report, signed by the branch Exchequer and Seneschal
    f. Copies of receipts for monies spent, if applicable
    g. Even reports, if applicable
  2. Timeframes and methods for review and revision of the financial policy.
    The Financial Policy will be reviewed annually and approved for compliance by the Kingdom
    Proposed changes to the Baronial Financial Policy will require approval by the BFC and then
    submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer for final approval. Once fully approved, policy changes
    should be published in the Highland Foorde Undercurrents, as well as any official social media
    channel and the Baronial Business Meeting Reminder Email distributed by the Seneschal. These
    items should be published within two weeks of approval by the Kingdom Exchequer.
  3. Methods for controlling cash receipts.
    Cash receipts shall include but are not limited to:
    event income of all types, money collected from advertised fund raising endeavors, donations,
    money from the sale of goods purchased with group funds, and newsletter sales and
    subscription income.
    a. Cash receipts of any type and in any amount must be deposited in the appropriate
    account no later than 14 calendar days after receipt by an officer of the SCA. No
    incoming funds of any type are to be kept out of the appropriate account longer than 14
    calendar days. Undeposited income of any type is not to be used for refunds,
    reimbursements or expenses.
    b. Use of online credit card acceptance services by SCA branches is restricted to approval
    by the Society Chancellor of the Exchequer. SCA branches are not to use the personal
    credit card acceptance account of an individual or other business under any
    c. Minors may not serve as Head Gatekeeper/Troll/Reservationist/etc. for an event.
    Minors may assist at the gate collecting funds, making change, etc., under the oversight
    of an individual permitted by the SCA’s Corporate Policies to serve as an officer, who will be
    ultimately responsible for the accounting of the funds passing through the gate.
    Individual groups may be more restrictive should they choose. At least one paid adult
    member of the SCA must be present and in charge anywhere SCA money is collected.
    d. A paid adult member of the SCA must be in charge of the gate functions at any event

(Highland Foorde)
Approved by Financial Committee – (12/18/2021)
Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – (12/21/2021)

3 | P a g e
where money is collected in the name of the SCA. Site owners may additionally oversee
the gate operations, but the final responsibility for the funds collected in the name of
the SCA must remain with an authorized paid SCA member who does not have a
financial or material interest in the ownership of the site itself.
e. All cash received at an event shall be counted and recorded by two people (not of the
same family or address and not in a personal relationship) before the cash is removed
from the site. Copies of the cash record will be provided to the Branch Seneschal and
the Exchequer.

  1. Policies regarding event admission charges, refunds, or complimentary passes.
    The Barony of Highland Foorde may choose to waive event fees (agree to absorb the cost) for
    the following event attendees: The King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and local Landed Baronage.
    Fee waiver of any other attendees must be approved by the BFC with
    justification/documentation for the additional names added to the Event Budget. Fees may not
    be waived for non-members.
    Event Refunds
    Refund requests must be received in writing (email is acceptable) no later than five (5) business
    days after the event
    Event Budgets
    a. Event autocrats must complete an event budget mentioning all expenditures (high level)
    i. The budget must include a list of whose fees will be waived, and whether that
    includes both site fee and feast.
    ii. The budget must include a timeframe to request refunds. This cannot be longer
    than 5 days after an event

b. Event budgets must be presented at a Baronial meeting as least 3 full months before the
event date, to allow for discussion by the populace.
c. If a vote on an event budget does not pass, the BFC must state their reasons for failing it
so the autocrat can make appropriate changes. It shall be re-presented at the next
Baronial meeting.
d. If a satisfactory budget cannot be passed by 2 months before the event (including if the
autocrat fails to provide a budget), the BFC will decide via vote, whether the event will
be cancelled, or, if that is not possible or financially feasible, if a new autocrat shall be
e. If the event budget includes any planned profit, then the purpose of those monies shall
be specified (such as purchasing Baronial goods) if not simply intended for the Baronial
general funds.
f. Budge overages should be brought before the committee and voted upon as an update
to the budget as they need to occur. If any other overage/money is spent that is outside
the budget, the BFC must ratify the expenditure after the fact. If the BFC fails to ratify
the expenditure, then reimbursement will not be made.
g. The timescale of this budget process may be shortened, on a case-by-case basis, by vote
of the BFC, under extreme circumstances (such as an event ‘popping up’ within a 2-

(Highland Foorde)
Approved by Financial Committee – (12/18/2021)
Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – (12/21/2021)

4 | P a g e
month basis). This decision should include the new first presentation date, as well as a
new final date, and will be made clear to the autocrat.
h. All event expenditures must be cleared, and receipts handed in, within 30 days of the
event. No reimbursement will occur for any expense handed in after that point.

  1. Policy regarding asset management and control of inventory including trailer policy
    b. Other Property
    i. An inventory will be maintained of all Baronial assets.
    ii. The inventory shall be maintained by the Exchequer or designated deputy
    iii. The inventory will include location of the property, and purchase price if known
    iv. Property management will include
  2. Storing Baronial assets in a secure place
  3. Checking assets out to users as needed
  4. Checking assets in when returned to storage
  5. Inspecting assets upon return to storage to determine
    a. If maintenance is required for routine wear and tear (tears,
    replacing grommets, ropes, etc.) cleaning or other issue
    b. If asset has been damaged by neglect, such as mold/mildew due
    to damp conditions
    c. If asset has been damaged by abuse
  6. Arranging for maintenance or repair as needed
  7. Prohibited Activities
    a. RAFFLES AND ONLINE AUCTIONS are prohibited.
    b. FIREWORKS – The purchase, ownership or sale of fireworks is prohibited. The purchase
    of professional fireworks services is permitted, with approval by the Board of Directors.
    To request permission from the Board, the branch must request approval through the
    Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer who will contact their Society Superiors
    for instructions.
  8. Policy on sales tax: Not applicable in the Kingdom of Atlantia
  9. Special Purpose and Dedicated Funds
    Temporary funds will be established for use as short-term obligations occur. These funds will
    not exceed one calendar year or the designated period of use, whichever is longer.
    a. Temp funds, while sored in the Baronial checking account, will be kept track of
    separately by the Baronial Exchequer, and shall be reported as such to the Barony
    b. Temp funds will be specifically defined as to their purpose, and the money shall not be
    spent on anything else
    c. All purchases/expenditures from the fund must be approved via the BFC.

(Highland Foorde)
Approved by Financial Committee – (12/18/2021)
Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – (12/21/2021)

5 | P a g e

  1. Additional policies
    a. Officer Budgets
    i. Any officer of the barony, may, at the first Baronial meeting of the new year,
    request a yearly supplies budget for their office.
    ii. The supply budget request must include a total maximum dollar amount and
    specify the types of items to be purchased.
    iii. Officer budgets shall not be given out as an advance. Receipts for all budget
    purchases must be submitted to the Exchequer for reimbursement
    iv. If the Exchequer feels that the purchase might not fall under the premise of the
    budget, then it will be brought before the populace at a meeting for discussion,
    then voted upon by the BFC.
    v. After any yearly budget is extinguished, all new purchases for that office must
    be approved individually.

b. Baronial Donations
i. If the Barony chooses to donate money to any organization/group, then a
proposal shall need to be made before the populace for exactly how much
money should be given, and to whom
ii. If the donation if found acceptable by the BFC, the Exchequer will directly write
and deliver the check to the affected party.

c. Baronial Purchases
i. The Barony recognizes two distinct methods of making Baronial purchases that
the BFC may vote upon.

  1. Exact Amount
    a. Purchase proposal will include exactly what is being purchased,
    and exactly how much the cost will be (including tax/shipping if
  2. Maximum Amount
    a. This method involves the Barony deciding that it needs
    something of a general class.
    b. The Barony will vote to entrust one person to obtain this item(s)
    for the Barony, but for the purchase not to exceed a certain
    dollar amount
    c. If the purchase made is more than the budget, the excess will
    not be reimbursed.

d. Recurring Cost Commitments
i. This refers to any cost (such as rental fees) that the Barony agrees to continue
to pay on a regular basis
ii. The proposal shall include the reason for the commitment, and an exact amount
of the payment, or a good approximation if it varies.
iii. The Exchequer will keep track of all recurring costs and ensure that they are
paid on time
iv. If the Exchequer notices the cost significantly changing, it shall be brought
before the BFC to be voted upon again

(Highland Foorde)
Approved by Financial Committee – (12/18/2021)
Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – (12/21/2021)

6 | P a g e

e. Emergency Purchases
i. If the person needing to make the purchase can via phone/email/personal
contact get the tentative approval for the purchase by at least 3 members of the
BFC, then they may make the purchase, but no advance will be given.
ii. Upon the next Baronial meeting, the purchase will be brought before the
populace for discussion. After that the BFC must vote to uphold the purchase.
iii. If the BFC votes against the purchase at this time, the purchaser will not be
reimbursed, and it is up to the purchaser if they wish to donate the item to the
Barony, or, keep it for themselves.

f. Other / Unapproved Purchases
i. The Barony will not allow any money from its account to leave unapproved by
the BFC and will not reimburse for any purchases made that do not follow one
of the approval methods given above. There will be no leniency to this
mandate. No one shall purchase anything unapproved expecting the Barony to
reimburse them.