Please join us for the Baronial Court Watch Party on Saturday, May 8th at 2pm via Discord. You do not need to download the app or have an account, simply click on the banner below and enter a nickname to join.

In 2021, for the good of the Populace, Highland River Melees will be an online-only event. More details will appear on this page as we draw closer to the event, and you can also join us on Facebook.

Challenges: March 6 – May 3, 2021

Please visit the HRM 2021 Challenges page for more information.

Classes: May 3 – May 8, 2021

More information on the classes being offered is available on the HRM 2021 Classes page.

Baronial Court: May 8, 2021

Refer to the announcement at the top of the page!

What is Virtual Highland River Melees?

Virtual Highland River Melees is the digital transformation of Highland Foorde’s signature annual event. In light of the last year, we decided that our theme for this event will be The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio — maybe a little too on the nose, but we wanted to have fun with it.

What will the theme for 2021 be?

The Decameron is probably Giovanni Boccaccio’s best known work. It is a collection of tales told by three young men and seven women who aim to escape the Black Death in their city and stay at a villa for two weeks. Each character must tell a story every day, so The Decameron is a total of one hundred tales. These tales vary in topics between courtly love and lewd fabliaux, riddled with wordplay some days, and morality tales the next. The Decameron was truly a labor of love of Boccaccio, because while he was mainly done writing it in 1352, he continued to edit it for two more decades.

Where can I learn more about Boccaccio and The Decameron?

Join us on Instagram for weekly videos with an introduction to Boccaccio as a historical figure, and the Tales of The Decameron. Watch the introduction below, then click View Channel to see the rest!