November 13, 2021

Highland Havoc was created in AS 54 with the intent of having a Northern Atlantian event in the fall focused on equestrian, archery, and equestrian archery.

At this time, Highland Havoc is scheduled to take place in-person at the Frederick Pony Club, located in Ijamsville, MD.

The theme for this year is a Martinmas Festival, named after St. Martin of Tours. Among other things, Martin was the patron saint of GEESE, so expect tons of goose-related shenanigans..

8:00-8:30 amEQ early gate sign in
8:30-9:00 amEQ Ground Crew class
9:00 amGate opens
9:00-10:00 amEQ Authorizations (please advise EQMiC in advance if you wish to authorize)
10:00 amOpening Court
10:30-11:00 amArchery Equipment inspection
11:00-11:30 amArchery Clout shoot
11:30 amArchery Range opens and shoot begins
11:00-12:00 pmEQ Mounted Archery TournamentEQ Birjas Tournament
12:00-1:00 pmEQ Open arena for warm up
1:00-2:30 pmEQ Gambler’s Choice Challenge Course
2:30-4:00 pmEQ Miscellaneous Games
3:00 pmArchery Scores turned in and range closes
4:30 pmClosing Court
6:00 pm (or wehn Court ends)Site closes



Please complete this form if you are planning to participate in any equestrian activities (this includes ground crew):

Please provide your negative coggins before unloading your animals.

There is a fenced arena for activities and also water.  Stalls are not available.  This will be a day event only this year.    Equines may be tied to your trailer or small paddocks may be set up.  

We are planning a fun- filled day!   

Schedule (Subject to change):

Authorizations TBD.  (Please advise EqMiC in advance if you wish to authorize)

9-10am:  ground crew class 

10-11:30am:  Mounted Archery tournament

10-11:30am:  Birjas tournament

(NOTE:  Birjas and Mounted Archery will be held concurrently.  Riders will be able to participate in both activities.)

11:30-12:30pm:  Lunch Break

12:30-2pm:  Gambler’s Choice Challenge Course

2pm-4pm:  Misc. Games TBD (tippet tag, musical shields, etc.)


There will be a harvest-themed shoot with a clout. Entrants should plan for for 7-8 themed targets.

The highest score wins a prize donated by Lady Sof’ia Dolgorukaia of Ponte Alto. The prize, pictured at left, is a beautiful Viking wire-weave chain wrought by Lady Sof’ia’s own hand.

Arts & Sciences

Honk! Honk!! <ahem> Oyez! Oyez! 

The theme of Highland Havoc revolves around geese, and the A&S extravaganza does as well! The staff of Highland Havoc dedicates this year’s A&S competitions in memory of Baron Rorik Fredericksson, known as Greygoose.

The 3 general areas include:

1 – Geese – Anything concerning geese, representing geese, honoring geese.

2 – Period Games – Documentation is required  (ez Doc is useful) along with clear instructions on how to play the game. (Cribbage still counts even if it is ever so slightly over the date line.)

3 – General Arts and Sciences  – Note: including a toy goose or something similar can move it up into the goose category if you so wish.


Best Goose – Mistress Janina and her goslings will evaluate Best Goose. (Lady Babs suggests that bribes may be useful.)

Games – Based on presentation, playability, and  documentation. 

General A&S – Evaluation by judges familiar with the field of study, if possible.

Site Restrictions & Information

COVID Information

Highland Havoc will operate in compliance with Society, Kingdom, federal, and local laws and guidelines concerning masking, social distancing, and vaccination and testing requirements. These requirements may change between now and the event. Please see the most up-to-date details here before attending: Reopening Atlantia

Site Information

Due to kingdom and local guidelines regarding food service at events, feast will not be served at Havoc 2021. We encourage attendees to pack their own food.

This is a primitive site with semi-rugged terrain and no running potable water. Bottled water and drinks will be available on site. We strongly recommend wearing sturdy walking shoes.

Registration Information

  1. Checks can be sent as payment if you elect not to pay through SCArs. Checks should be made out to: SCA, Inc. Barony of Highland Foorde. Please mail payment to: Samantha Van Rens (Lady Adele Lochlane) 572 Binford Ct Frederick MD 21703. No checks will be accepted after 11/5/2021. No Cash will be accepted per guidelines
  2. SCArs Pre-Registration will formally close on 11/5/2021.
  3. Please remember even though you are Pre- Registered through SCArs you need to be checked in through the gate. If you are event staff, you will need to be checked in through the gate and show your membership card and complete any waivers if required.
  4. Non-members may also use SCA-rs to pre- register for events. Go to and create an account. Keep that login information for future registrations. Creating an account does not cost you anything and does not require membership. pps/ #SignIn
  5. Refund Policy for Highland Havoc: The Exchequer (Lady Adele Lochlane) must receive refund requests in writing no later than five days after the events ends per Kingdom approved guidelines. If the reservation was cancelled on SCArs, please send your written refund request to assist the Exchequer in completing accurate refund requests. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared.

Havoc Event Staff

Event Steward: Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya mka Kate Newton

Exchequer/Reservationist: Lady Adele Lochlane mka Samantha Van Rens

MIC: Lord William de Hirst, mka Brad Fisher

EqMIC: THL Arielle de Pontoise mka Natalie Henderson Baird

Archery MIC: Lady Sof’ia Dolgorukaia of Ponte Alto mka Holly Decker

MOL: Lady Kunigunde von Darmstadt mka Rebecca Green

Deputy MOL: Doña Mariana Ruiz de Medina mka Emily Shifflet

A&S Coordinator: Mistress Janina Krakowska mka Joanne Dionne