Barony of Highland Foorde

Unto the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia, greetings from the A&S Coordinators of Highland River Melees 2018!

Insurrection! Let your creative juices flow to create objects that inspired by the need to overthrow oppression. What oppression you ask? That which has led us to forget the light-hearted fun of days ago. Entries should refer to the motivation that used to encourage you to enter competitions. Prizes like a medieval mirror ball (shisha covered ball); Entries with horrible puns. Winners will be chosen by the Baronage but you can influence the outcome by leaving tokens of support (basic beads will be supplied) Spiffier tokens and beads are more influential. Bribing the judges might also be effective.

We have a few classes planned and a chainmaille competition.

Fiber Solar is planned by Baroness Deirdre ni Aodhfionn.

Bardic Performances

Baroness Lanea verch Kerrigan will host Bardics!

Highland River Melees Homebrew Competition

HRM will be hosting a homebrewing competition for 2018. The two main categories will be Ale/Beer/Lager and Cordials. There will also be a special entry category: Heather Ales. It wouldn’t be the Highlands without a heather ale, now would it?

Ribbons will be awarded to the best brews in each category with special recognition for the best Heather Ale.

Judging will be based on Atlantian Arts and Science criteria for Brewing, Vinting and Infusions which can be found here.
Entry forms are here: Brewers Guild Competition Form
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