Highland Havoc 2019

Nov 8 (5PM) - Nov 10 (12PM)

The Frederick Pony Club grounds, Moxley Field, 4614 Ijamsville Rd, Ijamsville, Maryland 21754

Come join us for Highland Havoc!

This event will be themed around equestrians and archery. Those won't be the only activities, though! There will be A&S and bardic activities themed around these topics as well.

Cost Daytrip Camping Feast
Adult, Member Discount $15.00 $0.00 $0.00
Adult, Event Registration $20.00 $0.00 $0.00
Youth (6-17) $7.00 $0.00 $0.00
Child (0-5) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Highland Foorde

Cost Notes: Preregistration cost is $12 for adult members, $15 for adult non-members, and $5 for youth.

No difference in price if camping or day-tripping.

Feast Information: Potluck style -- details forthcoming

Autocrat's Information: Epy Pengelly (Michelle (Mishee) Kearney), 144 W Patrick St Apt 3, Frederick, MD 21701, Phone: (240) 7721286,

E-mail:kearney00mm AT gmail.com.

Reservations: Dame Helena de Flores (Kathy Gildemeister), 12333 Sherwood Forest Drive, Mt. Airy, MD 21771, E-mail:  fun4kathyg[AT]msn.com.

Directions: From I-270 South -- Take I-270 North, take exit MD-80 East, go through the traffic circle to stay on MD-80 E, turn left on Ijamsville Rd

From I-70 West -- Take I-70 East, take the exit for MD-144 East, continue straight onto Main Street, turn right onto Ijamsville Rd

From I-70 East -- Take I-70 West, take the exit for MD-144 East, turn right onto Meadow Lane, turn right onto Old National Pike, turn left onto Main Street, turn right onto Ijamsville Road

SITE NOTE: there is camping on site! But the water is not potable, so make sure to bring enough. There are no showers.

Arts & Sciences:

Arts and Sciences Organizer: Baroness Sinn Larensdotter

There are two categories for Arts & Sciences competition entries : Useful Items and Representations

Useful Items

The Useful Items category encompasses any item that would be used by an equestrian, archer, or thrown weapons enthusiast. Examples include quivers, bridles, and targets. Don’t let these examples limit you, though— feel free to think of something useful to one of the martial activities at the event, and let your creativity take hold! Documentation preferred and encouraged.


The Representations category includes images and other depictions of the martial activities. This could mean illumination, embroidery, pottery— whatever you imagine— showing riders, archers, and thrown weapons. Documentation preferred and encouraged.


Equestrian MIC: THL Arielle de Pontoise (MKA Natalie Baird)


734-657-8456 (no calls after 9pm please)

Please complete the form located here if you are planning to participate in any equestrian activities (this includes ground crew).

Please provide your negative coggins before unloading your animals.

There is a fenced arena for activities and also water.  Stalls are not available.  Please bring your own temporary paddock set up for your animals.

We are planning a fun filled weekend!  Stay tuned for a more detailed schedule.

Tentative activities include:

Ground Crew Class


Mounted Archery

Challenge Course

Crest Combat (if Marshals and participants are available)

Misc. Games (tippet tag, musical shields, etc.)


Bardic Organizer: Lady Thorve Of Highland Foorde

Come all ye bards, and bring praise of the Horse!!!

I, your humble Baronial Bardic Champion, will be hosting a Horse Pit Bardic Competition at Highland Havoc! (Horse Pit instead of Bear Pit....get it? Haha!) with the audience choosing the winners.

This Bardic invites both performers AND audiences! We will have light snacks and refreshments to quench the parched palate. The topics will be all manner of horse related things.....the topics will be interesting.

Come prepared to entertain us (song, story, poem, whatever your method!) about all things Horse! There will be a special prize for the winner of the Horse Pit (aside from the sheer glory), but there will be other prizes as well.

More details to be published soon....check back often!


Martial activities will include

Thrown Weapons and Target Archery: There will be a long distance shoot!

Other information to follow.


Feast Organizer: Duchess Elisenda de Luna

The potluck feast will include hot soups and breads provided by the Barony, and we would welcome all who wish to partake to bring cheese, bread, or sweets to share.

For the soups there will be a veggie dairy option, a veggie no dairy option, and two meat options.